Linda Gosden, director of public affairs for the Transportation Department, has become a government relations adviser to the law firm of Heron, Burchette & Ruckert . . . . Shirley McVay Wiseman, a Lexington, Ky., builder and realtor, has been named deputy assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development for single family housing and mortgagee activities. She will succeed G. Hunter Bowers, who switch his efforts to the department's direct endorsement program, a move to turn over mortgage insurance processing to lenders. Wiseman was the first female national representative of the National Association of Home Builders . . . . Dallas Miner, who headed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's marine sanctuaries program for the past three years, has been named head of the National Ocean Survey's office of external affairs. He will be succeeded by his deputy, Nancy Foster, who has been on the sanctuaries staff for four years . . . . Dr. Cheryl A. Opalock, associate medical director of the Sun Co. of Philadelphia, has been named medical director of the Labor Department's Office of Worker's Compensation Programs . . . . Jennifer Hillings has resigned as press secretary of the Republican National Committee to become deputy director of information for the world economic summit at Williamsburg in May.