"The world is in the midst of an economic and technological transition as fundamental as the Industrial Revolution. We must create lasting jobs through an affirmative long-term strategy for economic growth and competitiveness. And we must also provide immediate short-term relief for the millions now jobless.

"While massive federal deficits prevent us from going into massive public sector employment, I believe we can and must do more than we are now.

"So I favor emergency jobs legislation. I would be willing to spend more than the $4.3 billion proposed by President Reagan. I would target as much of this as possible on training for permanent jobs and on job creation in areas of the highest unemployment.

"I would emphasize needed construction and maintenance projects in the private sector but also give more emphasis to the creation of day-care, health-care and other public service jobs that are generally available to women and minorities. I would provide more jobs for inner-city teen-agers and other young people through the Youth Conservation Corps.

"If it can be shown that it would create even more jobs, and because this is an emergency, I would favor exempting this relief bill from the 'prevailing wage' provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act.

"It is imperative that we provide humanitarian relief for those in distress. We should help young mothers feed their children and needy families insulate their homes, make additional federally owned surplus commodities available to feed the hungry, provide federal loans to unemployed home owners to help them meet their mortgage payments, explore requiring employers to provide up to six months of extended health benefits to workers who lose their jobs, extend the emergency jobless benefit program and provide an additional 10 weeks of payments for those who have already exhausted their benefits."