Shakeup at the RNC: Newly elected Republican National Committee Chairman Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr. yesterday eliminated the jobs of three deputies and fired political director Ronald C. Kaufman, a former campaign aide to Vice President Bush.

Fahrenkopf, faced with unexpected financial problems during his first two months on the job, described the moves as "an effort to streamline the operations of the committee."

Eliminated were deputy chairman posts held by Richard N. Bond, another former Bush aide; former Connecticut GOP chairman Frederick K. Biebel, and Buckley Byers, a longtime Republican fund-raiser.

Bond, mastermind of Bush's victory in the 1980 Iowa caucuses, will stay at the committee as director of political operations; Biebel, an early backer of President Reagan, will stay as director of White House liaison.

Kaufman, a favorite of White House chief of staff James A. Baker III, is said to be in line for a job with the Reagan administration.

Byers, who specialized in raising money from big donors, was said to be going into private industry.

After Fahrenkopf took over as chairman Jan. 28, well-placed sources indicated that he was shocked to find (a) that he had inherited a deficit of $1.5 million from former chairman Richard Richards; (b) that direct mail fund-raising had dropped off as much as 5 percent as the recession deepened; (c) that about a dozen RNC executives were paid more than $55,000 annually, and (d) that even with a $21.5 million budget he had little flexibility to begin new programs.

Though Bond has been a target of conservatives, RNC spokesman Bill Greener said that ideology had nothing to do with his demotion or with the firing of Kaufman.

In his new job, Bond, a respected political operative, will function as political director and will oversee the RNC's communications department.