A 23-year-old man has been charged with murder and rape after a 13-hour ordeal in which a Queens bar owner was killed, four women were taken captive, one was raped and another was forced to cut off the dead man's head, police said.

The man then stole a cab and fled with two hostages and the severed head, according to police.

Police said Charles Dingle of Brooklyn was captured in Manhattan after he pulled over and fell asleep in the cab. The hostages slipped away to a subway station and summoned a transit policeman. The head of the victim, Anthony Cummings, 34, was packed under newspaper in a cardboard box beside Dingle, police said.

Police said Cummings, the owner of Herbie's Bar, was working with his wife and two other women Wednesday night when Dingle entered and began drinking. When Cummings asked him to leave, Dingle shot him.

Dingle reportedly tied up the women, and a fourth woman who entered the bar later. According to police, he allegedly took some drugs and raped one of the women, then ordered another hostage to retrieve the bullet. When she was unable to, Dingle allegedly ordered her to cut off Cummings' head.

Dingle freed two hostages before leaving with the others