A Nicaraguan exile group that includes ex-Sandinista guerrilla fighter Eden Pastora, known as "Commander Zero," announced yesterday that he is leading a new insurrection within the left-ruled country.

The announcement followed a Nicaraguan Defense Ministry statement that another insurrectionary force battling the Sandinistas, led by an ex-national guardsman known as "Commander Suicide," was routed near the Honduran border.

Pastora was reported last month to have left his exile home in Costa Rica. His coleader of the Revolutionary Democratic Alliance, Alfonso Robelo, tried to read Pastora's declaration "from the hills" to a press conference in Mexico City. But Robelo said authorities there prohibited it and asked him to leave the country. Mexican officials denied both counts. Robelo was later reported to have arrived in Panama City.

The alliance, considered more moderate than the Nicaraguan Democratic Force that includes "Commander Suicide," telexed Pastora's message to news organizations. He was quoted as saying the alliance sought a peaceful return to democracy but "history has repeated itself: intervention has again occurred," this time at the hands of Cuban advisers. He warned them to leave Nicaragua within 15 days.

Nicaragua and Honduras traded charges of assaults against boats in coastal waters. One report said a Nicaraguan patrol boat captured three American fishermen in Costa Rican waters.