The Office of Management and Budget, the Government Printing Office and Congress' Joint Committee on Printing have agreed on a new plan for controlling federal printing and duplicating costs, including a new low-cost price structure for pamphlets and individual agency management plans to monitor printing equipment and staffing.

The agreement Wednesday ended months of squabbling between the committee and the OMB over whether agencies could make their own decisions on the pricing of their publications.

The OMB has wanted agencies to begin charging for publications that previously had been distributed for free. But since the GPO has a minimum charge for the publications it prints, many low-cost, low-volume publications were threatened.

Public Printer Danford L. Sawyer Jr. said the GPO has agreed to handle about 24,000 more of low-cost pamphlets, in some cases by converting them to microfiche form and then making a copy when someone requests one.

The cost of most current publications would be reduced for the short term by 10 percent and the minimum price of a publication dropped from $1.75 to 50 cents.

In addition, Sawyer's plan calls for pricing publications based on their actual printing costs and then getting federal agencies to pay the cost of reprinting them six months later.

The OMB will ask federal agencies to prepare plans for controlling their printing and duplicating costs, and put them in place by fiscal 1985.