The special counsel of the Merit Systems Protection Board said yesterday he is reviewing Energy Secretary Donald P. Hodel's decision not to reinstate Maxine Savitz, one of the government's top energy conservation experts.

K. William O'Connor had urged Hodel to rehire Savitz after deciding there was evidence that she had been fired improperly.

But Hodel refused, saying there was "no reason" to reinstate Savitz nor any "basis" for O'Connor's claims. Savitz contends she was fired as part of the administration efforts to dismantle the energy conservation programs. O'Connor can now either drop the case or formally charge the Department of Energy with committing prohibited personnel practices.

The special counsel is also reviewing the Office of Personnel Management's recommendation that the DOE either run a 1982 reduction-in-force again or reinstate 11 of the 19 Senior Executive Service employes it fired.

According to a spokesman, DOE has not yet decided what it will do--except to fire at least one of the remaining eight SES employes.

Tina Hobson, a 19-year career civil servant who claims she was targeted because she refused to send agency employes to a meeting disguised as consumer advocates, was fired Wednesday.