Sample questions from Florida's teacher certification exam:

1. During a flu epidemic, one-third of the 480 students at Jones Elementary School were absent. If three-fifths of the absent students had the flu, how many students were absent because of the flu?

A) 96 students

B) 128 students

C) 160 students

D) 288 students

2) Susan, a third-grade student, has been found in possession of a ruler which belongs to a neighbor. She says, "Teacher, I just wanted to use it to finish the work you assigned." In helping the child develop moral judgment, which of the following would be the most appropriate response for the teacher to make?

A) "We must abide by the rule that if one is to take something belonging to someone else, one must first ask permission."

B) "How would you like it if someone took your ruler without asking for permission?"

C) "The next time this happens, you will have to sit in the corner all by yourself."

D) "You should not take something that does not belong to you without asking permission unless it is an emergency."

3. Find the sum of 3,905, 66 and 821.

A) 3,792

B) 4,792

C) 11,992

D) None of the above

4. Mr. Jones has arranged a very fragile display on a table adjacent to the students' independent study area. Some members of the class are to use the display in their independent study. Since the display is taking up previously open classroom space, Mr. Jones feels that rules and procedures will need to be developed to limit movement around the display. Which of the following procedures would be most effective in promoting student willingness to cooperate in the limitations?

A) Ask students doing the independent work to prepare a sign notifying others that the area is "off limits."

B) Post a sign indicating that the area is "off limits" and give the reason for the rule.

C) Rearrange students' desks and work tables to create new traffic lanes and block student access to the area.

D) Conduct a class discussion in which the purpose of the display is explained and involve the students in deciding the best way to reroute traffic.

5. Pencils are packaged for sale in various quantities. If a customer wishes to buy the most economical package (having the least cost per pencil), which of the following packages should he buy?

A) 2 pencils for 19 cents

B) 4 pencils for 37 cents

C) 10 pencils for 89 cents

D) 12 pencils for $1.09

ANSWERS: 1, A; 2, A; 3, B; 4, D; 5, C.