President Samora Machel of Mozambique today announced a series of measures, including a government reshuffle, aimed at decentralizing the state bureaucracy and stimulating private enterprise, Mozambique's national news agency said.

In a dispatch monitored in Portugal, the agency said Armando Guebuza, a provincial administrator, was named interior minister to replace Mariano Matsinhe, who moved to the Security Ministry. Jose Oscar Monteiro, previously minister without portfolio, was appointed justice minister, the dispatch said.

Diplomats here said the ministerial changes appeared to support the shift towards decentralization stressed by Machel in a seven-hour speech to an open-air meeting attended by more than 50,000 persons.

"We must end our hostile attitude to family and private enterprise," he said, in announcing an aid program from the state development bank to small-scale projects, both state and private, aimed at increasing food production.

Machel said that in other appointments to be announced next week more cadres of the ruling Frelimo party and state officers would be moved out of the central administration to take up posts in state industry, agriculture and local government.

"Our country must undertake a deep and thorough reorganization. And the changes must begin with the government itself," he said.

Machel also announced that the number of state employes would be drastically reduced and that unemployed and unproductive workers would be moved out of the capital into farming projects.