The Wrong Stuff? With his presidential campaign spending almost $400,000 a month, Sen. John Glenn (D-Ohio) has fired 15 of his 65 full-time campaign workers in a major cost-cutting move.

The 15 low- and mid-level campaign workers were told last week that their jobs had been eliminated as part of an effort to trim campaign spending by 20 percent during the rest of the year, according to campaign press secretary Greg Schneiders. The campaign also is cutting back on spending for travel, computers, rental cars and telephone calls in the hope of saving $80,000 a month, or a total of $400,000 by the end of the year, Schneiders said.

The trim comes as Glenn has moved ahead of former vice president Walter F. Mondale, the early Democratic front-runner, in a number of polls and Glenn's fund raising "has picked up significantly."

Mondale raised twice as much campaign money as Glenn, $2.4 million compared with $1.2 million, during the first three months of 1983 and he had more than a quarter million dollars more on hand than Glenn as of April 1.

"You can't keep spending at the rate we were doing or Mondale is doing without cutting back at some point," Schneiders said. "All the campaigns are going to have to be more money-conscious if they want to survive."

The cost-cutting moves were made after the campaign brought in a series of outside consultants to examine campaign spending patterns.