7:16:54 pm EDT Copilot Claude Ouimet of Air Canada Flight 797: Canada 797. Where's the airport? 7:16:56 Air Traffic Controller Gregory Karam at Cincinnati airport: Twelve o'clock and eight mil, uh, eight miles, Air Canada 797. 7:17:02 Copilot: Okay, we're trying and locate it...advise, uh, people on the ground uh we're gonna need, uh, fire trucks. 7:17:11 Controller: The trucks are standing by for you, Air Canada. Can you give me number of people and amount of fuel? 7:17:15 Copilot. We don't have time, it's getting worse here. 7:17:16 Controller: Understand, sir, uh, turn left now and you're, uh, just a half a mile north of final approach course. 7:17:22 Copilot: Turning left, Air Canada 797. 7:17:24 Controller: Give me full runway lights. 7:17:25 Voice in Cincinnati airport tower: Full runway lights. 7:17:27 Controller: Air Canada 797, stop turn. 7:17:30 Copilot: Canada 797...Okay we have the airport. 7:17:36 Controller: Air Canada 797, proceed inbound for (runway) two seven left, you're cleared to land. Wind two three zero at four...You're just a little bit north of the final approach course for runway two seven left, Air Canada 797. 7:17:48 Copilot: Okay it's a patch fire and we're getting smoke. 7:17:52 Controller: You're gonna have to have the trucks come right up to him, he got, um, smoke and fire on board. 7:17:55 Tower voice: Okay. 7:18:10 Controller: Air Canada 797, the equipment is waiting for you...you need not acknowledge further transmissions, uh, from me, Air Canada 797. You are cleared to land. You're four miles east of the airport. 7:18:48 Controller: Air Canada 797, you're on a three-mile final. 7:18:58 Controller: Do you have him in sight? 7:18:59 Tower voice: Yes. 7:19:01 Controller: 797, the tower has you in sight and you are cleared to land; you're on a two-mile final for two seven left. The wind is two two zero at four. 7:19:08 Copilot: Air Canada 797, patch fire. Okay, get the truck. 7:20:08 Controller: Let me know when he lands, please. 7:20:09 Tower voice: He's landed. 7:20:10 Controller: Okay.