Andrei Sakharov, the Soviet Union's foremost human-rights activist, has been examined by two physicians who recommended that he be hospitalized, Sakharov's wife said today.

Yelena Bonner told western journalists that the two doctors urged the 62-year-old nuclear physicist be admitted to a hospital for "studying and treatment of heart disease and urological disease."

The two doctors were dispatched by the Soviet Academy of Sciences to Gorky, an industrial city about 250 miles east of here where Sakharov has been living in internal exile for more than three years. According to a telegram from her husband, Bonner said, Sakharov was examined by the physicians on June 2.

The academy apparently sent the physicians to Gorky after Bonner made an emotional appeal to the West last month, seeking help to gain Sakharov admission to a special heart clinic of the Academy of Sciences and saying that the conditions of his exile would lead to his death.

Bonner said both she and her husband were suffering from heart ailments and that both wanted to be admitted to the clinic in Moscow because it was the only hospital in which they would feel safe. Bonner is a physician by profession.

It was not clear whether the two physicians, whom she identified as Profs. Pylayev and Grigoriyev, specifically recommended Sakharov's transfer to Moscow and admission to the special heart clinic of the academy.

Bonner had said earlier that her husband, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his human-rights activities, would not undergo treatment in Gorky because he feared he would be "killed" while in the hospital.