What's right about America is that, despite everything it is still America.

In America, we can still invent the future. In America, we can still invent ourselves. In America, we can still look to the future with confidence. America is ever in the making, a land of promise, a land of dreams.

When I traveled around the world as the chief trade negotiator for the United States, I always marveled when I returned at how remarkable America truly is. No other nation even begins to offer as much to its people.

Now that I have traveled to all the 50 states of this nation while campaigning for the presidency, I realize that America offers so much because Americans believe so much, in themselves and in their country.

During these difficult times, I know that some are tempted toward pessimism. Yet I know too that there is every reason for optimism about our future together as Americans.

We must not underestimate our great strength as a nation and our great resiliency as a people. We must regain our self-confidence and restore our clarity of purpose in the eyes of the world.

For America remains the single strongest economic power in the world. Only America can lead the free economies of the world safely through this challenging time of economic and technological transition. And only America can offer new hope to people everywhere for freedom, opportunity, prosperity and peace.