Want to know what I think is right about America?

Start with the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution. The Bill of Rights. And the unique American concept of limited constitutional government, of government of law, not men.

Add our love of freedom and our respect for the individual and for individuality. Our enterprise and creativity. Our thirst for knowledge and new experience. Our spirit of adventure.

What's right about America?

Our compassion for our fellow beings. Our optimism that tomorrow is going to be better than today and our dynamism in making it so. Our upholding high ideals while working for pragmatic solutions.

What's right about America is our people's insatiable demand for a better life, blessed as we are with a political system that makes a better life possible and an economic system that makes is feasible.

Ours is a nation that believes first and foremost in decency and fair play. In giving the other guy a break and a helping hand. In sharing the road, as well as the load. The American dream is a vision of endless, unbounded opportunity for all.

We are leaders in science, humanities, engineering, arts, education, agriculture and business. We are the strongest nation with the freest people and the freest economy in the world.

At the risk of sounding chauvinistic, I hold that America, for all our warts and imperfections, is the best of all countries in this very imperfect world.