America's strength lies in its unity of purpose. That is what built this country. That alone can keep it strong.

We face many challenges -- surviving international economic competition, educating our children, developing our human resources and contributing to the peace and security of the world. We have the resources to meet all these challenges -- the human ingenuity, the economic muscle, the determination to excel. But we lack the leadership to combine these precious resources into a partnership.

Asking "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" too many politicians have pursued the single interests at the expense of the common good. The right question is, "Are we as a nation better off?"

Half a century ago, Franklin Roosevelt looked out upon a land without hope and, working with the American people, transformed it into an economic giant that saved the free world.

He did it by appealing to deep reserves in the American character -- enterprise, patriotism, fairness, generosity, community and common sense. When we use these reserves, we set ourselves as a single people, as a family linked together in a common enterprise. We need to tap these reserves once again, for they are our hope.

When we work together, sacrifice together and pull together, there is no force on Earth that can stop us. We need leadership that can reach out, pull us together and renew America's unity of purpose.