The future was made in heaven for us. Name an asset we need to win the competition ahead, and you'll name an advantage America already has.

The most highly skilled work force on Earth. A commitment to social justice aimed at ensuring everyone's contribution. The finest scientists and engineers in the world. An open economic system that encourages dreamers and risk-takers. Freedom -- which makes us attractive to people everywhere.

There's a marathon ahead. If America enters it cold, we'll lose. If we train for it, no one can beat us because we have everything we need.

I'm hopeful about our future because we're determined to get ready for it.

Americans want to put the old antagonisms between labor and business and government behind us; we're ready to work together.

We're through with low quality and low productivity, with quick profits and quick fixes. We have our eyes on the long haul, ready to work harder, with more discipline and higher standards.

We're committed to reinvesting in education and science, rebuilding our industrial capacity and spurring entrepreneurship. We're ready to resume the long march toward full justice and participation for all Americans. And we want to attract people around the world with our commitment to human rights and arms control.

We'll get our edge back -- because we're ready to sharpen it ourselves.