A former official of the 1980 presidential campaign of John B. Anderson said yesterday that a man claiming to have ties to the Carter White House offered him purported Carter documents and derogatory information about presidential aides.

Edward Coyle, Anderson's deputy campaign manager, said the man, identified as John Craig, "told me he had a friend in the White House that was willing to pass information through him to the Anderson campaign. In addition to memos, he said he also had personal information on several White House aides that would embarrass the president."

Coyle said Craig also claimed to have information about a secret, administration-backed effort to knock Anderson off the ballot in key states.

Coyle said he turned Craig away without receiving any material and notified a Carter campaign official.

John T. (Terry) Dolan, National Conservative Political Action Committee chairman, said yesterday that Craig contacted him in 1980 with claims of "confirmable proof of wrongdoing by the Carter administration or the Carter campaign."

Dolan said he tried to put Craig in touch with reporters and with the U.S. attorney's office, and said he eventually paid for Craig's return bus ticket to Florida.

Carter's Florida campaign chief, Jay Hakes, said Craig was disgruntled over his failure to receive a solar energy grant. Hakes said Craig had no role in the Carter campaign.