Poland's Roman Catholic primate criticized media coverage of the pope's recent trip to his homeland, saying newspapers had dwelt too much on politics and missed the essential point of the visit.

"The pope, during his journey in Poland was understood by everybody. But the world of the press and political speculation showed itself once again subjective and superficial," Cardinal Jozef Glemp told the congregation at a mass in Rome's St. Stanislaw Polish Church.

"While the newspapers talked so much of politics the nation lived its joy and the church's joy and showed that if foreigners do not stick their noses into Poland's affairs the church can carry out . . . its historical mission," Glemp told the 200 Poles in his audience.

Glemp has been in Rome for talks on the results of Pope John Paul's trip.

Meanwhile, the pope said in an address to pilgrims that he is doing "all that is humanly possible" to help free a 15-year-old girl allegedly being held hostage for the release of Mehmet Ali Agca, the terrorist who shot the pontiff two years ago.

Addressing 30,000 pilgrims in St. Peter's Square, the pontiff prayed for the second Sunday for the safety of Emanuela Orlandi.

"For my part, I can assure that everything that is humanly possible is being tried to contribute to the happy solution of the painful case," he said.

Vatican officials declined to say what exactly the pope is doing to win the girl's release.