Following are excerpts from the report of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct regarding Rep. Daniel B. Crane's relationship with a 17-year-old female House page:

"An investigator of the special counsel's office interviewed the female page in question in late 1982. She had been a House page from June, 1979 through June, 1980.

"During this first interview, the page initially denied having knowledge of any sexual relationships between pages and members, officers, or employees of the House. The investigator then informed the page that the committee had received sworn testimony that she had told another page that she had a sexual relationship with a member of Congress.

"The page appeared shocked and was reluctant to discuss the matter further. The investigator asked if the page would discuss the matter if the investigator could name the correct congressman. The page agreed. When the investigator named Rep. Daniel Crane, the page stated that she had engaged in sexual relations with him.

"The page stated that she had found the congressman, as an older man, very attractive, and that perhaps she was more responsible for the sexual relationship than he was. She did not blame Rep. Crane.

"At her deposition, the page testified under oath that she met Rep. Crane through a male page she was dating. She testified that in the winter of 1980, she made a friendly wager for a six-pack of beer with Rep. Crane on the outcome of a basketball game to be played by the page's hometown team. The page lost the wager. Sometime in the spring, she went to Rep. Crane's office in the Cannon building, around 8 p.m., carrying a six-pack of Heineken beer to pay off the wager.

"The page testified that Rep. Crane asked if she wanted some beer. When she replied that she did not like beer, Rep. Crane invited her out for a drink. They went to a bar in Virginia, but because the page was under the legal drinking age, she could not be served a drink. According to the page's testimony, they then decided to have a drink in Rep. Crane's apartment.

"Q. Can you tell us what happened after you got to the apartment?

"A. Well, he drank beer, and we had a discussion.

"Q. Can you tell us what that was about?

"A. Just about whether we were going to finish up or he was going to take me home then.

"Q. Okay.

"A. But I wouldn't have gone that far if I didn't already want to or have in my mind that I was going to do something like that.

"Q. When you say 'whether you were going to finish up,' I take it whether you were going to go to bed with him, is that right?

"A. Right.

"Q. Did that subject come up prior to your getting to the apartment?

"A. No.

"Q. But you, just in your own mind, had thought about it before; is that what you mean?

"A. Right.

"Q. And what happened?

"A. We went to bed.

"Q. And I take it from what you are saying, that was entirely voluntary on your part?

"A. Oh, yes.

"Q. Did you--just to be clear--I don't want to get you embarrassed here. Did you have sexual relations with him that night?

"A. Yes.

"Q. Now, were there any other occasions after that when you went out with Congressman Crane?

"A. Went out with? No.

"Q. Were there any other occasions when you went to his apartment again?

"A. Yes.

"Q. Can you tell us approximately how many times you went to his apartment after that first night?

"A. Three or four more times.

"Q. Did you have sexual relations with him on those occasions?

"A. Yes.

"Q. And I believe you made some comment to the special counsel's investigator to the effect that it was as much your fault as his; is that right?

"A. Right. It was my decision just as much as it was his.

"Generally, the page testified that she would meet Congressman Crane on the floor of the House, usually on a Thursday, and he would ask her if she wanted to get together. She would then either meet him at his office or at his parking spot, and the two of them would go to his apartment. On each of these occasions, Congressman Crane drove her back to her residence in the District of Columbia.

To verify certain details of the page's testimony, immediately after the deposition, the special counsel's office asked the page to identify Rep. Crane's parking space, his car, and the name and location of his apartment, and to take an investigator to his apartment. The page was also asked to draw a diagram of Rep. Crane's apartment. The page was given no prior warning that these requests would be made. She carried out each of these requests accurately and without hesitation.

"Rep. Crane voluntarily agreed to two depositions. In his second deposition, Rep. Crane admitted that he had engaged in sexual relations with the female page on each of the occasions when she visited his apartment. He testified that, to his recollection, she visited his apartment 'roughly . . . about three times.' "