Here is a chronological list of the 21 House members who were censured prior to Reps. Daniel B. Crane (R-Ill.) and Gerry E. Studds (D-Mass.). The list includes the offense and the year of the punishment.

William Stanberry of Ohio, insult to the speaker, 1832.

Joshua R. Giddings of Ohio, offensive paper, 1842.

Laurence M. Keitt of South Carolina, complicity in assault on senator, 1856.

Orsamus B. Matteson of New York, corruption, 1858.

Alexander Long of Ohio, treasonable utterance, 1864.

Benjamin G. Harris of Maryland, treasonable utterance, 1864.

John W. Chanler of New York, insult to House, 1866.

Lovell H. Rousseau of Kentucky, assault on representative, 1866.

John W. Hunter of New York, insult to respresentative, 1867.

Fernando Wood of New York, offensive utterance, 1868.

Edward D. Holbrook of Idaho, offensive utterance, 1869.

Benjamin Whittemore of South Carolina, corruption, 1870.

Roderick R. Butler of Tennessee, corruption, 1870.

John T. Deweese of North Carolina, corruption, 1870.

Oakes Ames of Massachusetts, corruption, 1873.

James Brooks of New York, corruption, 1873.

John Y. Brown of Kentucky, insult to representative, 1875.

William D. Bynum of Indiana, offensive utterance, 1890.

Thomas L. Blanton of Texas, abuse of leave to print, 1921.

Charles C. Diggs Jr. of Michigan, staff kickbacks, 1979.

Charles H. Wilson of California, financial misconduct, 1980.