Thousands of Canadian and U.S. antinuclear activists demonstrated across the continent yesterday to "refuse the cruise," protesting Ottawa's decision to allow the United States to test the missiles over Canada.

Protesters from across the political spectrum marched at consulates, Air Force installations and government buildings in a dozen U.S. cities and at demonstrations in all major Canadian cities, United Press International reported.

More than 1,000 students, church leaders and politicians gathered to march down Toronto's main thoroughfare in defiance of a police order that marchers use other routes.

At the Thousand Island International Bridge near Kingston, Ontario, 75 Americans joined a handful of Canadians for a protest walk and returned for a rally at Griffis Air Force base near Rome, N.Y., home of a B52 bomber squadron equipped with cruise missiles.

In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, about 310 miles from the proposed testing site, children in a crowd of about 1,500 protesters formed rings around city hall and chanted: "I want to grow up, not blow up."

About 4,000 protesters heard speeches in Vancouver from politicians of all three Canadian parties. In Winnipeg, about 200 demonstrators gained the support of Manitoba Premier Howard Pawley.

Other protests in the United States occurred in Tucson, New York and Chicago.