Daggers can be at your front as well as your back. A sampling from reports in this newspaper over the past few years shows the dagger aimed at the heart may be anything from a nation-state to a hamburger stand:

* Aug. 23, 1977: A report in The Post says Israelis see a fully independent state controlled by Palestinians as a "dagger pointed at the heart of Israel."

* Dec. 12, 1977: A broadcast by Saudi Arabia's official radio says there is little hope for peace in the Mideast "as long as Israeli occupation of Arab territory and Jerusalem continues. . . . This occupation is a dagger stuck in the heart of the Arab nation. . . ."

* April 9, 1979: A Post story on the "sagebrush rebellion" says some federal officials consider the movement "a dagger aimed at the heart of the Bureau of Land Management."

* Sept. 9, 1979: The Soviets say in an English-language broadcast beamed to the United States that the American naval base at Guantanamo is "a dagger pointed at the heart of the young republic" of Cuba.

* Sept. 12, 1979: An Annapolis resident, testifying before the city council on a proposal to put a hamburger dispensary in his neighborhood, says, "Put a McDonald's here and you will place a dagger in the heart of Hillsmere."

* Oct. 2, 1979: Sen. Edward Zorinsky (D- Neb.) says, "Let's face it, 2,000 to 3,000 Soviet combat troops in Cuba is, to borrow a phrase, a thorn in our side, not a dagger in our hearts."

* Sept. 18, 1980: The Ethiopian government, in a letter to President Carter, describes a recent agreement between the United States and Somalia on U.S. military access as "a dagger poised at the heart of Ethiopia."

* Nov. 2, 1981: Israeli Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir, discussing a list of Saudi peace proposals, says each is a "poisoned dagger thrust into the heart of Israel's existence."

* March 23, 1983: President Reagan describes a Democratic budget proposal as "a dagger aimed straight at the heart of America's rebuilding program."