A videocassette recorder, a small safe, a strongbox and an undisclosed amount of cash were taken early yesterday from the national Mondale for President headquarters here, but campaign officials said the incident appeared to be a routine burglary.

"We haven't found any evidence of Xeroxing of or tampering with campaign documents," Joseph Lockhart, an assistant press secretary for the campaign, said last night.

D.C. police said that they have not been able to determine how entry was gained to the office, which is on the street-level floor of a building at 2201 Wisconsin Ave. NW. Police said they have no suspects.

Lockhart said the items apparently were taken between 1 a.m., when the last campaign staff member left the building, and 7:30 a.m., when the first person reported for work. He said no security guard was on duty.

Lockhart said that locked drawers of several desks in the finance department and near the campaign director's office were broken open and about $40 in cash was taken from them. The two areas are just behind the reception area, Lockhart said.

The video recorder was taken from the office of campaign manager Robert Beckel, Lockhart said, and the strongbox and safe--which contained several hundred dollars in petty cash--were taken from the finance department area.

The office here employs about 80 persons.