Secretary of DefenW. Weinberger yesterday ordered a temporary halt throughout the department of "wound-ballistic research" in which animals are shot, while a complete rew of the program is conducted.

Weinberger acted this week after Congress and animal welfare advocates protested the opening of a new "wound laboratory" at the nation's military medical sn Bethesda, where dogs would be shot with high-powered weapons so surgeons and scientists could study their wo called a halt to the proposed dog shootings Tuesday, but members of Congress kept up the fight after learning that research still was going on using animals in at least r military facility.

Yesterday, Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.) praised Weinberger for his "prompt and positive mpaign against the shooting of animals for research.

Lantos said he was told that two task forces would stuls in research and their use in medical training.

The study will take about six weeks, a Pentagon spokesmansaid the secretary's action would result in a delay in the opening of the wound laboratory at the Uniformed Services University ofe Health Sciences in Bethesda.

The furor over the animal research started with news reports that as many as were scheduled to be shot at the Bethesda medical school. Sponsors of the program said that wound research an both legitimate and indispensable at the school, which turns out about 150 new military doctors each year.