John Patrick Jordan has been named administrator of the Agriculture Department's Cooperative State Research Service, the USDA's liaison with state land-grant colleges. Previously, Jordan was executive director of Colorado State University's Institute of Agriculture. In addition, for the past nine years, he has written the Encyclopedia Britannica's annual article on food and agriculture . . . . Dr. John F. Beary III, acting assistant secretary of Defense for health affairs, has announced he will leave in September to return to the Georgetown University School of Medicine as associate dean for undergraduate medical education and strategic planning. Beary joined DOD in May, 1981, and has held his current job since September of that year . . . . Anthony Welters, assistant vice president for corporate development of Amtrak, has been appointed associate deputy secretary of Transportation. In that job, he will be concerned with transportation safety, maritime policy and issues related to Conrail . . . . Henry T. Wilfong Jr., owner of a certified public accounting firm in Los Angeles, has been appointed associate administrator of the Small Business Administration for minority business development and capital ownership development. Wilfong, a former member of the Pasadena, Calif., City Council, was appointed by then-Gov. Ronald Reagan to the California Council on Criminal Justice in 1964.