A group of young people who got "some ideas" on computer raids from the movie "WarGames" succeeded in reaching a nuclear weapons laboratory computer before the government stepped in, The Milwaukee Sentinel reported yesterday.

No classified data was involved, authorities said.

"We really did it this time," an unidentified 21-year-old participant was quoted as saying. "It's really easy to do.

"It got out of hand, but it's not all our fault either. There's no security in it or nothing. It didn't take too much intelligence to get into the things."

James Breen, public affairs officer for New Mexico's Los Alamos National Laboratory, confirmed that a computer raid was made at the lab from Milwaukee by telephone.

He said the raid on the computer, which "processes only unclassified data," was detected in late June. "No classified or sensitive data was compromised," he said, but the FBI is investigating.

The 21-year-old was quoted as saying that 10 people aged 15 to 22 were involved, and that they also gained access to a dozen companies' computers from home computers.

He said the raids began shortly before the release of the movie "WarGames," in which a teen-age computer whiz supposedly gains access to a Defense Department computer and nearly starts a war.

At Los Alamos, meanwhile, security codes reportedly have been changed.