Beryl W. Sprinkel has not left his job as undersecretary of the treasury for monetary affairs, as reported yesterday.

The Reagan administration has had more than its share of high-level turnover. Four of the 13 original Cabinet members have departed, as well as 10 of the original undersecretaries or deputy secretaries. Only the Treasury, Justice and Agriculture departments still have the top two officials that they had at the start of the administration in January, 1981.

As another measure, one year after two Ralph Nader associates profiled 101 of the administration's top officials in "Reagan's Ruling Class," 29 of those officials have left their jobs or announced their departure. Another six have switched positions or are in line for new jobs. A list of them: Officials Who Have Left

Norman Ture, undersecretary of the treasury for tax and economic affairs.

Beryl Sprinkel, undersecretary of the treasury for monetary affairs.

Jerry Jordan, member of the Council of Economic Advisers.

Richard Pratt, chairman, Federal Home Loan Bank Board.

James B. Edwards, secretary of energy.

W. Kenneth Davis, deputy secretary of energy.

Joseph J. Tribble, assistant secretary of energy for conservation and renewable energy.

Anne M. Burford, Environmental Protection Agency administrator.

T. Timothy Ryan Jr., solicitor of labor.

Richard S. Schweiker, secretary of health and human services.

Arthur Hull Hayes Jr., head of the Food and Drug Administration.

John Van de Water, chairman of the National Labor Relations Board.

Robert P. Nimmo, head of the Veterans Administration.

Drew Lewis, secretary of transportation.

Raymond Peck, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Arthur Teele, head of the Urban Mass Transportation Administration.

Robert Blanchette, head of the Federal Railroad Administration.

Rudolph Giuliani, associate attorney general.

Carol Dinkins, assistant attorney general for the Land and Natural Resources Division.

William J. Olson, member of the board of the Legal Services Corp.

William F. Harvey, member of the board of the Legal Services Corp.

Frank A. Carlucci, deputy secretary of defense.

Eugene Rostow, director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.

Alexander M. Haig Jr., secretary of state (Haig left just before the book was released).

Walter Stoessel, deputy secretary of state.

James L. Buckley, counselor to the State Department.

Robert Hormats, assistant secretary of state for economic and business affairs.

Edwin L. Harper, assistant to the president for policy development.

Phillip M. Johnson, chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Officials Who Have Switched Jobs

Donald P. Hodel, undersecretary of interior to energy secretary.

Ford B. Ford, head of the Mine Safety and Health Administration to undersecretary of labor.

John A. Svahn, undersecretary of health and human services and commissioner of the Social Security Administration to assistant to the president for policy development.

Donald J. Hovde, undersecretary of housing and urban development to member of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board.

D. Lowell Jensen, assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division to associate attorney general.

Richard T. Kennedy, undersecretary of state for management to ambassador at large.