President Reagan has misrepresented his administration's actions in his recent efforts to court Hispanic voters, a group of Hispanic organizations said yesterday.

Arnoldo S. Torres, executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), told a news conference that the president has "established a clear, negative track record" on issues that affect Hispanics.

The president recently has met with Hispanic government employes and business leaders and has addressed Hispanic groups in Florida and Texas.

However, Torres said, the president has limited his contact primarily to those who share his political philosophy and who are in agreement with his policies.

While White House officials say that more than 130 Hispanics have been appointed to high-level government jobs, Torres said that his organization has been unsuccessful in trying to get a list of those appointees.

He said that LULAC can identify only a fraction of that number.

White House spokesman Peter Roussel defended the administration's record on Hispanic employment, saying: "We feel Hispanics are fully represented at every level. The president is totally committed to bringing Hispanics into the decision-making process in government. We will continue to aggressively recruit Hispanics for key policy positions."

The board of directors of the organization will meet in Washington in early October to finalize a report on the administration's record, Torres said.

He added that the president could respond and meet with members of the organization if he wanted.

LULAC says it has 110,000 members in 43 states.

Joining Torres in criticizing the administration on a variety of issues were representatives from the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the National Puerto Rican Forum and the National Association for Bilingual Education.