" . . . Even in our quest for world peace we have come to declare war . . . war if you please on the present policies of the Reagan administration.

"Policies that punish the poor and reward the rich.

"Policies that talk about the trickle down theory, but somehow the trickle never gets down . . . . We serve notice on you, Mr. Reagan, that we are not here to live in the past and leave here simply singing that we shall overcome. We are here because we are committed to the elimination of Reaganism from the face of the earth. We have had enough of it. Reagan no more in 1984. Reagan no more.

"Say it loud and say it clear.

" . . . There is a sickness, I tell you, sweeping across this nation. It is a virus of elitism cloaked in garments of fiscal austerity, and wrapped in the trappings of patriotism. This virus has spread across the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It has created massive unemployment. Twenty percent of the black community, 50 percent among black youth. It has created despair, dismay . . . . No center for the control of infectious disease can tell you what this virus is. But I can tell you what it is. It is Reaganonmics and we know how to cure it. We will meet it at the ballot box and cut it off . . . . "