WE THOUGHT maybe by now, after a steamy summer and many other pursuits to occupy the pleasure hours of people in or away from Greater Washington, that the fever that gripped this region one NFL year ago would have subsided --that no sequel to the season of Hog-love, Fun- Bunching and Riggo Drills could begin on the same high. But the scriptwriters are back with a blockbuster tonight, right here at RFK, and already you can hear the town's pulse thundering.

Sure, there are those among us who will not cast an eye in the direction of this season opener. They should rest assured that a compelling interest in seeing the Washington Redskins defeat the Dallas Cowboys is not a prerequisite for local residency. But more than a few people hereabouts won't rest at all until this nightside edition of "High Noon" is over. 2 It's more than the sport. These are genuinely likable people, whose presence and interest in and around this town is not seasonal. And they are coached by a man whose understanding of them is as sensitive and important as his game plan.

All right, but what's the word on tonight? The team's most engaging philosopher, who doubles as somewhat of a ball carrier, comments: "I've always said this over the years: the best thing about Dallas is their uniforms. If you put the players in New Orleans' uniforms, they might not win many games." That is how John Riggins wrapped up a press session the other day, at which he had begun by noting that "I come to bury the Cowboys, not to praise them. So let's get those shovels out." Dig in, fans.