Here is a partial transcript of Soviet pilot-to-ground communications preceding the downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007. Included are three revisions released yesterday by the State Department. The numbers 163 and 121 refer to MiG23 fighters, and 805 is the Su15 fighter that fired two missiles. All times are Greenwich Mean Time, four hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time.

18:18:34 (805)--The A.N.O. (air navigational lights) are burning. The (strobe) light is flashing.

18:18:56 (163)--Roger, I'm at 7500, course 230.

18:19:02 (805)--I am closing on the target.

18:19:08 (805)--They don't see me.

18:19:12 (805)--Repeat.

18:19:20 (121)--Executing.

18:19:44 (163)--I am flying behind the target at a distance of 25. Do you see (me)?

18:19:55 (163)--(Call.)

18:20:08 (805)--Fiddlesticks I'm going, that is, my Z.G. (indicator) is lit (missile warhead are already locked on).

18:20:12 (805)--Answering.

18:20:17 (805)--I answered.

18:20:22 (805)--(I) need to approach it (closer).

18:20:30 (805)--I'm turning lock-on off and I'm approaching the target.

18:20:41 (163)--(For) 163?

18:20:49 (805)--I have broke off lock-on. I am firing cannon bursts.

no time (163)--(Right now I can't?) see it.

no time (805)--Exactly. I have executed (unspecified).

18:21:17 (163)--Executing.

18:21:24 (805)--Yes, I'm approaching the target, I'm going in closer.

18:21:35 (805)--The target's (strobe) light is blinking, I have already approached the target to a distance of about two kilometers.

18:21:40 (805)--The target is at 10,000 (meters).

18:21:51 (163)--I see both, distance 10, (and) 15 kilometers.

18:21:55 (805)--What are instructions?

18:21:59 (163)--Roger.

18:22:02 (805)--The target is decreasing speed.

18:22:17 (805)--I am going around it, I'm already moving in front of the target.

18:22:23 (805)--I have increased speed.

18:22:29 (805)--No. It is decreasing speed.

18:22:42 (805)--It should have been earlier.How can I chase it, I'm already abeam of the target.

18:22:55 (805)--Now I have to fall back a bit from the target.

18:23:05 (805)--Repeat.

18:23:10 (805)--The target's altitude is 10,000 (meters).

18:23:18 (805)--From me it is located at 70 degrees to the left.

18:23:37 (805)--I'm dropping back, now I will try rockets.

18:23:49 (163)--12 (kilometers) to the target, I see both.

no time (121)--I'm in a right turn on a course of 300.

18:24:15 (121)--Executing.

18:24:22 (805)--Roger, I am in lock-on.

18:24:56 (121)--I am turning to a course of 30.

no time (121)--Roger.

18:25:11 (805)--I am closing on the target, am in lock-on. Distance to target is 8 (kilometers).

18:25:16 (805)--I have already switched it on.

18:25:33 (121)--On a course of 30.

18:25:46 (805)--Z.G. (Missile warheads locked on.)

18:26:20 (805)--I have executed the launch.

18:26:22 (805)--The target is destroyed.