Antigovernment feelings intensified yesterday as thousands of office workers left their offices in the commercial district of Makati to protest the assassination of opposition leader Benigno Aquino Jr.

In another part of town, more than 1,000 students took part in a "funeral march" to the offices of three pro-government newspapers to assert the death of press freedom in the Philippines, special correspondent Abby Tan reported.

The action by office workers was unprecedented. Leaflets, which called for other workers to fill the streets and join a "march for justice" for the slain former senator, crowded into the main Ayala Avenue from high-rise buildings where banks and financial institutions are located.

Yellow confetti, which has become the symbol of protest in Manila, poured out of the offices as over 8,000 workers walked out at midafternoon.

The series of antigovernment activities will culminate in a giant rally on Sept. 21, the 11th anniversary of the proclamation of martial law and one month after Aquino was gunned down in military custody shortly after he arrived from exile at Manila airport.

Antigovernment feelings over the handling of the affair by the government of President Ferdinand Marcos--including an order to the Manila media to limit reports of Aquino's shooting--have been bubbling since then.