A preacher's daughter with a football-sized cancerous tumor was given fever medicine, but no other treatment, as a Tennessee appeals court waited to hear her family's objections to court-ordered chemotherapy.

A pain-killing drug was prescribed but not given Pamela Hamilton, 12, who has a 102-degree fever.

"Pain doesn't seem to be an issue with her," said Pat Kelly, spokesman for East Tennessee Children's Hospital. "She's controlling the pain by moving her leg and things like that."

Hamilton's parents have fought for more than two months to keep her from receiving medicine, which is forbidden by their fundamentalist Christian sect.

Doctors said Hamilton, suffering from bone cancer, will die within nine months unless she has immediate chemotherapy and radiation treatments to stop the spread of the tumor that has destroyed most of her upper left leg bone. Delays already may have severely reduced her chances of being cured, they said.

Hamilton has said she is ready to die "when the Lord gets ready for me."

Her father, Larry Hamilton, pastor of the Church of God of the Union Assembly in LaFollette, told reporters that his daughter "says she wished they would leave her alone so she can go home."