An Alexandria Circuit Court judge yesterday refused to postpone his order that the director of an Alexandria-based anticommunist group must appear next week before a California grand jury investigating the alleged theft of police intelligence data from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Linda Guell, executive director of Western Goals, had asked Judge Albert H. Grenadier to delay the Sept. 13 order until she could take her case to the Virginia Supreme Court.

Los Angeles prosecutors have sought Guell's testimony in connection with allegations that a Los Angeles police detective used police files to help Western Goals set up a computer data bank of suspected communists and left-wing groups. Western Goals was founded in 1979 by the late Rep. Larry McDonald (D-Ga.) who was killed in the Soviet attack on Korean Air Lines Flight 007 on Sept. 1.

Guell's attorney, Harvey B. Cohen, has said that his client intended to invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to testify because California prosecutors would not grant her "reasonable" immunity from prosecution. The prosecution has said neither Guell nor Western Goals is a target of the investigation.

Grenadier said in a written opinion yesterday that he would not stay his earlier order because the "Supreme Court of Virginia does not have jurisdiction to hear such an appeal."