An uncle of Teamsters union President Jackie Presser was convicted yesterday on four counts of embezzling $165,000 as a "ghost employe" of a Cleveland Teamsters local.

A jury in U.S. District Court returned the verdict in its second day of deliberations in the trial of Allen Friedman, who faces up to five years in prison on each of the four counts.

Friedman, 62, was charged in an indictment alleging that he received $1,000 a week for four years from Presser's Teamsters Local 507 in Cleveland and did no work.

Friedman allegedly was cut from the local's payroll in 1981 after receiving paychecks totaling $165,000 as a "ghost employe," prosecutors said.

The Justice Department's case was based on information supplied by the Department of Labor, which raided Local 507's offices in October, 1982, and seized many of the local's records.

Presser, then secretary-treasurer at Local 507, became president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in April. Harold Friedman, no relation to Allen Friedman, is the local's president, and became a Teamsters international vice president in June. Defense lawyer Jack Levin contended that Friedman's role from 1978 through 1981 was mostly as an adviser to the local's officers.

He said Friedman was limited in his work by severe heart disease.