A requirement involving federal employes' use of Diners Club cards for government travel expenses was described incorrectly yesterday. The requirement applies only to General Services Administration employes.

Beginning Monday, 30,000 employes at eight agencies will be able to use a special Diners Club charge card for official travel-related expenses as part of a new General Services Administration plan designed to save the government $250 million over the next two years.

Maria E. Walters, a staff accountant in GSA's finance office, received the symbolic "first card" at a ceremony yesterday. In addition, parts of the Agriculture, Commerce and State departments and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, National Labor Relations Board and National Credit Union Administration will participate. GSA estimates that eventually 250,000 federal employes who take at least two official trips each year will be issued the cards.

Employes are liable for the full amount of their charge card bills 25 days after receiving them. To try to ensure that employes don't end up paying bills with their own money, GSA has asked participating agencies to make a special effort to pay vouchers on time--generally within two weeks--so employes can, in turn, pay Diners Club.

To receive a card, an employe must attest, in writing, to having read and understood a lengthy set of rules.