A gunman who fired 30 shots from a submachine gun wounded the Jordanian ambassador to Rome yesterday in the second assassination attempt in two days against Jordanian diplomats. On Tuesday, Jordan's ambassador to India was wounded in a similar street ambush.

Taysir Alaedin Toukan, 57, was wounded in the legs, arms and back by at least seven bullets when a gunman standing on a street corner fired at his auto before escaping, police said. Toukan was reported "not in immediate danger" after surgery but his driver, who was also wounded, was reported in serious condition, Washington Post special correspondent Sari Gilbert reported.

Police found more than 30 spent 9 mm cartridges at the site and a Polish-made WZ-63 submachine gun nearby.

A caller to the ANSA news agency here later claimed responsibility on behalf of a group called the Syrian Front for Struggle. Later, in Amman, Jordan, a spokesman for the renegade Palestinian group led by terrorist Abu Nidal also claimed responsibility.

Jordan has aroused the enmity of several Arab states and factions but security officials here and in New Delhi, where the assailant also escaped, said there was no indication of the motive for the attacks. Mohammed Ali Khurme, Jordan's ambassador to India who was shot six times in the chest, was reported in satisfactory condition yesterday.