Two men with close ties to the government of the Bahamas were arrested by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration yesterday in Miami and will be charged Monday with conspiracy to bring 800 pounds of cocaine into the United States, DEA Administrator Francis M. Mullen Jr. said.

Mullen said the men had offered to provide storage and loading facilities for the cocaine in the Bahamas along with protection from local authorities.

Mullen identified the men as Samuel Leroy Miller, 46, and John Jonathan Rolle, 41, both of Nassau, Bahamas.

Miller is chairman of the National Progressive Committee, a political group with close ties to Bahamian Prime Minister Lindon Pendling. Miller also is president of Ross Roy Investments Ltd., a financial business in Nassau.

Rolle is a senior supervisor in the Bahamian Department of Immigration.

Mullen said the six-week investigation, code-named "Operation Big Whale," will continue.

DEA sources said they got involved after word circulated in Miami that a group in the Bahamas was willing to offer protection to smugglers who wanted to fly cocaine into the Bahamas and then transfer it to ships for the final leg to the United States.

DEA undercover agents posed as drug smugglers, and they arrested the two men after Miller and Rolle accepted payment of $88,000 for their services.