The victims of the Briley brothers make up a cross-section of this city's population.

Prosecutors have said in court that three Briley brothers and an accomplice have been implicated in a total of 11 murders. Their victims:

1. Michael W. McDuffie, a serviceman for Canteen of Virginia Inc., was shot to death March 21, 1979, in a Richmond suburb during an apparent robbery.

2. Mary W. Gowen, 76, was raped, robbed and fatally shot April 9, 1979, as she was returning home from a North Side neighborhood where she had been baby-sitting.

3. Christopher M. Phillips, 17, was crushed to death July 4, 1979, with a rock by Linwood Briley after he caught Phillips trying to break into his car, according to prosecutors.

4. Thomas E. Saunders was shot in September 1979 by Briley gang accomplice Duncan Meekins during a disturbance in a gambling house.

5. Radio station WXCI disc jockey John Harvey (Johnny G) Gallaher, 62, abducted at gunpoint Sept. 14, 1979, from outside the Log Cabin night club in South Richmond when he stepped out back during an intermission. The three Brileys and Meekins, an accomplice, jumped Gallaher, forced him into his car and drove him to an isolated island in the James River. Linwood Briley was sentenced to die for shooting him in the back of the head with a rifle.

6. Mary S. Wilfong, 62, a private nurse, was robbed and beaten to death outside her home Sept. 30, 1979. Linwood Briley was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years.

7. Blanche Page, 79, was bludgeoned to death Oct. 5, 1979, in her home about two blocks from the Brileys' house.

8. Charles Garner, 59, a boarder at Page's house, was killed with a baseball bat, then five knives, a pair of scissors and a fork were driven into his back. Linwood Briley was given a life sentence plus 71 years in the two slayings.

9. and 10. Judy Barton, 23, and Harvey Barton, 5, her son, killed Oct. 19, 1979, during a robbery by James Briley. The Brileys then were supposedly under police surveillance and with Meekins had broken into a house in suburban Richmond. Three members of the gang raped Barton, who was eight months pregnant.

11. Harvey Wilkerson, 26, Barton's common law husband, killed by Meekins the same day while Linwood Briley was robbing the house. James Briley later returned to the house and took a television set, police said.