YOU WON'T FIND this job in the agency listings, and you won't make a cent if you take it. But you are free to split the difference -- the big difference you will make for some little children of Washington's public schools who need a little time from you. Your job? Be a tutor. And don't worry about having any particular degree; if you have the time, the heart and the encouragement for these kids, that will more than suffice. This is a volunteer effort that has delivered every year since it began in 1981; your association with it can begin right away.

It is called "Operation Rescue," and there's nothing complicated about the concept. You work side by side with elementary school teachers, students and parents for about two hours a day twice a week for 12 weeks. People who ha done this so far have ranged in age from 18 to 72, some with other jobs, some not; some District residents, some not; and many from the military and government. More than 50 schools from all around the city are involved, looking to volunteers for basic reading and math assistance of the personal kind that cannot happen in the classrooms.

There is initial training for every volunteer, and special material to help every helper, and there are plenty of children to go around. More than a few volunteers who keep coming back have heart- warming stories to share about their past charges -- and lasting friendships to back them up.

Registration is easy. Operation Rescue is operated by the Washington Urban League in cooperation with the D.C. public schools. Chairing the effort this year is Ann Mathias, who joins all the other volunteers in asking you to call 724-4482 for further information, or to sign up by sending your name, address and telephone numbers to 415 12th Street NW, Room 1001, 20004.

The children you help may not have mastered the skills required at certain levels, but that doesn't make them "failures." On the contrary, with your time and theirs together, they may have that extra chance to be big successes.