March 26, 1954: Is born in Richmond, the second of four children.Sept. 14, 1979: Disc jockey John Gallaher is abducted from a Richmond nightclub. According to court testimony, Briley, his two brothers, James and Anthony Briley, and Duncan Meekins drive Gallaher to a secluded spot near the James River, beat and then shoot him. Two days later Gallaher's body is found by fishermen.Oct. 1, 1979: A 62-year-old nurse dies at a Richmond hospital after she is beaten and robbed.Oct. 5, 1979: An elderly woman and her elderly boarder are brutally murdered in Richmond. A radio taken from the house is later found in Linwood Briley's home.Oct. 19, 1979: While under police surveillance, Linwood, James and Anthony Briley, and Meekins break into a house on Barton Avenue in Richmond. A man, woman and her 5-year-old son are killed. The woman, who was eight months pregnant at the time, is also raped.Oct. 22, 1979: Linwood, James and Anthony Briley are arrested for the Barton Avenue murders. Police say Linwood Briley was wearing Gallaher's ring, and other items belonging to Gallaher are found in Briley's home and car.Oct. 23, 1979: Linwood Briley is charged with murder in Gallaher's death.Oct. 26, 1979: Linwood Briley is charged with capital murder in the stabbing death of the elderly woman and her boarder.Nov. 1, 1979: Anthony, Linwood and James Briley are charged with murder in the nurse's death.Jan. 12, 1980: Linwood Briley is found guilty in Barton Avenue killings. Jury recommends five life sentences.Jan. 18, 1980: A Richmond Circuit Court jury convicts Linwood Briley in slayings of elderly woman and her boarder. He is sentenced to life plus 71 years.Feb. 21, 1980: Linwood Briley is found guilty of Gallaher's murder.March 10, 1980: Circuit Judge William Spain sentences Briley to die June 13 but the execution date is canceled because of an appeal.Sept. 5, 1980: Linwood Briley found guilty of capital murder and robbery in nurse's death. He gets life in prison plus 50 years.Oct. 6, 1980: Lawyers for Linwood and James Briley begin appeals process before Virginia Supreme Court. More than 70 judges will be asked to consider the case during the appeals that follow.May 26, 1981: U.S. Supreme Court first lets stand Linwood Briley's death penalty.May 31, 1984: Linwood Briley, James Briley and four other death row inmates escape from Mecklenburg Correctional Center in the nation's largest death-row breakout.June 18: Linwood and James Briley are captured in Philadelphia.Oct. 11: Supreme Court denies Briley appeal for the fourth time.Oct. 12: Electrocuted at the Virginia Penitentiary in Richmond.