All students will be instructed on personal safety, and child and sexual abuse prevention. Teachers will receive training in these subjects.

All visitors to schools will be required to wear clip-on badges indicating they are authorized to be on school property.

Signs warning visitors that failure to check in and identify themselves can result in criminal prosecution, will be posted at the entrances of all school buildings.

Security aides, adult volunteers, teachers and other school staff members will monitor the entrances to school buildings and will serve as greeters to visitors.

There will be an improvement in the reporting of student-related incidents between District police and school officials.

All school officials and the District police will be issued detailed guidelines on reporting and notification procedures.

Recreation department employes will aid in the monitoring of playgrounds.

Several ongoing programs designed to provide protection for students will be expanded, including a security volunteer program and safety and security committees whose members include parents and other adults.

A security volunteer program, started last month, will be enlarged. The program is designed to recruit and train adults to assist safety and security aides who work in the schools.

School safety and security committees, already active in some schools, will act as "conduits" of information between school officials and parents, students, school staff and law enforcement representatives across the city.

Fences may be erected to make wooded areas adjacent to some school properties inaccessible, and particularly secluded or isolated areas around schools will be assessed to determine if increased lighting or other security measures should be installed.