Democratic vice-presidential nominee Geraldine A. Ferraro today ridiculed President Reagan's suggested transfer of U.S. "Star Wars" technology to the Soviet Union as forfeiting "our most sensitive, important military secrets."

"Our president made the astounding proposal of spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the 'Star Wars' weapons system that he wants to hand over to the Soviet Union. Now, that makes a lot of sense," Ferraro said sarcastically during a speech at San Diego State University.

She was referring to Reagan's proposal on the space-based missile defense system during Sunday's televised presidential debate.

"We won't sell the Russians ordinary commercial computers, but this president wants to give them our most important, sensitive military secrets," Ferraro added, provoking laughter and applause from the 4,800 students present.

Ferraro's appearance here was her first stop on a three-day swing through California, her fifth appearance in a state that the Democrats have declared to be the central battleground in the election two weeks from today.

"To be perfectly honest, we do need California to win," Ferraro told the students, the most open admission to date of the importance placed on the state by the Democrats.

During a news conference here, Ferraro continued her recent tack of portraying Reagan as remote and uninformed.

"I think that after four years . . . the facts are that he has not mastered the facts." She particularly hammered the president for declaring Sunday that communist rule is the only alternative in the Philippines to the government of President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Earlier in the day, during a brief stop in Little Rock, Ark., Ferraro appealed for Election Day help from 1,000 supporters, who she said "have my children's future in your hands.