A long-running feud between the chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and one of her colleagues appears to be headed for a photo finish. Or maybe 11 of them.

No sooner did the CPSC's annual report arrive on his desk last week than Commissioner Stuart M. Statler whipped out an unrestrained memo to Chairman Nancy Harvey Steorts, venting his considerable rage at seeing her face "plastered" across the report not once, not twice, but 11 times.

"Twice before I've refrained," wrote Statler, whose own visage appears but twice in the document. No more. "This has got to stop," he declared.

Statler said he was "appalled." He said that 11 photos of Steorts "modeling new spring and fall wardrobes in the course of a 37-page document is a bit much." He said the display was "tasteless to the extreme," an "embarrassment" and "a colossal waste of taxpayers' monies."

And then he really got angry.

"I was aware, without having to be reminded under the mug shots on the first page, that you were 'unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate.' In case you didn't know, we all were!"

Steorts' response to Statler's invective: "That's utter nonsense."

For the record, Statler's count is inaccurate. The photogenic Steorts appears 13 times, counting the two portraits of her with President Reagan that are visible on her office coffee table.