While spending for most domestic programs has stayed about even, the fiscal 1985 appropriation for the Justice Department represents an increase of about 9.5 percent over the last fiscal year and an increase of almost 58 percent since the Reagan administration took office in 1981.

The increases, approved by Congress in August as part of the appropriation for the State, Justice and Commerce departments, will bring the department's budget to $3.69 billion this fiscal year, up from $3.37 billion last year.

Many of the increases are related to the Reagan administration's war on drugs and organized crime. For example, the FBI's budget has been increased by 10 percent, from $1.047 billion last year to $1.147 billion. The Drug Enforcement Administration's budget, meanwhile, has risen by 15 percent, from $286 million to $330 million.

The issue of illegal immigration has been another administration priority, and the budget of the Immigration and Naturalization Service shows a 15 percent increase, from $501 million to $576 million.

The Justice Department has planned for nearly 1,000 new positions, the largest personnel increase in the agency's history, to help stem the flow of illegal aliens across the Mexican border. The total will include 850 new Border Patrol positions, 109 jobs in the area of detention and deportation and 18 more legal staff members.

The Federal Prison System budget has increased by more than 24 percent, from about $486 million to $604 million, with most of the new funding devoted to new prison facilities and increased salaries and expenses.

The budget for the U.S. attorneys and the U.S. Marshal Service increased nearly 16 percent -- to $431 million.

But some Justice Department budgets stayed about even or were cut. The Antitrust Division's $43.5 million budget represented an increase of only $44,000. The budget for the Office of Justice Assistance, Research and Statistics, which sponsors research and makes grants to state and local law enforcement agencies, was cut from $197 million last year to $145.5 million.

Here is a breakdown on related agencies included in the same appropriation bill:

The budget for the Legal Services Corp. was increased by 11 percent, from $275 million to $305 million.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission budget rose by 6 percent, from $151.4 million to 160.8 million.

The Civil Rights Commission budget rose by 8 percent, from $11.9 million to $12.7 million.