This is part of a series wrapping up congressional action on the fiscal 1985 appropriations for major domestic agencies.

Congress ignored the Reagan administration's attempts to cut the Small Business Administration's budget in fiscal 1985 by about 8.1 percent, instead giving the agency an increase of about 2 percent above fiscal 1984 spending levels.

In fiscal 1985, the SBA will have a $9.32 billion budget compared with a $9.145 billion budget in fiscal 1984. The Reagan administration has suggested a fiscal 1985 budget of $8.4 billion.

The administration had wanted to eliminate virtually all direct loans including general business loans, economic opportunity loans, assistance to handicapped business owners, energy assistance loans, veterans loans and funds for development companies.

But Congress balked, restoring at least fiscal 1984 levels in each category. In addition, Congress increased the $2.6 billion pool of money available for loan guarantees by $50 million.

SBA's attempts to get out of making loans to firms hurt by nonphysical disasters were also ignored by Capitol Hill and a new $100 million allocation was appropriated.

Congress did go along with slightly reduced spending levels for the small business bonding program for potential government contractors, cutting the available funds by $85 million from the fiscal 1984 level of $1.2 billion. Capitol Hill also ordered one cut that the SBA did not want: reducing the amount of management assistance funds for minority and disadvantaged contractors winning government contracts. Congress trimmed 15 percent from the administration's $20 million request.