Education Secretary T.H. Bell has reprimanded Manuel J. Justiz, director of the National Institute of Education, for making personal use of airline "bonus" mileage from government travel and federal long-distance telephone lines.

The Education Department's inspector general, however, cleared Justiz of more serious allegations of fraud and waste.

Anonymous tipsters had accused Justiz of falsifying travel vouchers, allowing his wife, Robin, to use government telephones for a political campaign in New Mexico, and other abuses of office. Robin Justiz lost a state legislature race last month.

Justiz, a former education professor at the University of New Mexico, used 60,000 bonus miles in Trans World Airlines' travel bonus program to get free tickets to London for himself and his in-laws, plus a half-price ticket for his wife, in November 1983, according to a report by Inspector General James B. Thomas Jr.

Most of those credits were from bonus miles he built up before he joined the government in 1981, but he also used 9,465 miles from government travel, the report said.

Justiz said he believed then that he had had enough personal travel to cover the London trip. At the time, the agency had no policy about bonus miles.