Two suspects in a bank robbery during which four persons were killed were arrested today at a San Francisco hotel where they were "living it up," the FBI said, as residents of tiny Geronimo, Okla., gathered for victims' funerals.

One suspect, identified as Jay Wesley Neill, 19, of Lawton, Okla., was charged with bank robbery resulting in death in the incident on Friday at the Geronimo branch of the First National Bank of Chattanooga.

Three persons were shot and stabbed to death, one shot to death and three shot and wounded, authorities said.

Robert Grady Johnson, 22, also of Lawton, was charged with aiding and abetting Neill. The FBI would not elaborate on Johnson's role and said neither suspect was carrying a weapon when arrested.

U.S. Magistrate Wayne D. Brazil ordered the two held without bail pending a hearing Dec. 27.

" . . . Information . . . leads us to believe they were homosexuals," said Dick Tannery, district attorney in Comanche County, Okla. "Neill had an account there, and information leads us to believe that a few days prior to the robbery, Neill and his buddy were in there and that perhaps one of the people working there made fun of their mannerisms."

Three of the dead were female employes shot in the back of the head and stabbed in the chest and back "between 15 and 37 times," Tannery said. A male customer was shot to death. During the robbery, four customers, one with an infant, entered and were confronted by a gunman, who forced them to lie face down on the floor.

The suspects left Lawton immediately after the robbery and flew to San Francisco, FBI agent Robert S. Gast said in San Francisco. FBI agents in Oklahoma found Neill's car parked at the airport and found a hunting-knife handle inside it, an FBI affidavit said.

On the day of the robbery, Johnson reserved a $336-a-day hotel suite, saying "money is no problem," the affidavit said. Johnson paid $1,200 for two airplane tickets and tipped the travel agent $50, it said.

"As far as we can determine, the two were having a lot of fun in San Francisco," Gast said. "They were starting to develop a trail of activity, like shopping for clothes and eating in nice restaurants."

The FBI had a woman telephone the suspects at their hotel room to lure them outside for the arrest "because we wanted to get them into custody with the least number of shots being fired," he said.

In Geronimo, about 800 people -- almost the entire population -- attended the funeral of bachelor farmer Ralph E. (Eddie) Zeller at the high school gymnasium. Services for Jeri Bowles, 19, a bank employe, also were conducted at the gymnasium.

They were held at First Baptist Church of Lawton for branch manager Kay Bruno, 42, while the service for teller Joyce Mullenix, 25, is set Tuesday in the gymnasium.

"We hurt with you," the Rev. Byron Denman told Zeller's family.

The Rev. Eddie Coast, pastor of First Baptist Church, remembered Bowles as someone who was cheering when she was not playing on the court at the gymnasium. She had been a cheerleader and basketball player.

Bruno was considered the unofficial chapter-mother of the Future Farmers of America. Mullenix, six months pregnant, was the wife of the high school basketball coach, Kirk Mullenix.