Comedian John Belushi appeared ill when he received powerful drug injections from the woman accused in the death of the former "Saturday Night Live" star, a witness has told a grand jury.

Belushi's arms "were a mess," with "a lot of red needle marks," testified Leslie Marks, one of the comedian's companions in the last days before his fatal drug overdose March 5, 1982.

Marks was one of two witnesses who told the grand jury they saw Cathy Evelyn Smith repeatedly inject the comedian with drugs in the days before the his death.

The sealed testimony was inadvertently released briefly Friday by a court clerk to the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

Smith, a Canadian indicted on a murder charge in Belushi's death, abandoned her extradition battle and returned from Toronto Tuesday under a plea bargain arranged by the district attorney's office.

In the sealed testimony, Nelson S. Lyon, a former writer for NBC's "Saturday Night Live" program, described a three-day drug binge that began March 2, 1982, when Belushi, 33, and Smith, now 37, went to Lyon's house, the newspaper said. Lyon was testifying under a grant of immunity.

In the 24 hours before Belushi's death, Smith administered at least six injections to Lyon and Belushi, Lyon testified.

The three-volume transcript technically is sealed until Wednesday, but a clerk released it Friday. The court retrieved it from the Herald Examiner before it could be read fully.