Linda Chavez, staff director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, is under consideration to be the next director of the White House office of public liaison, administration officials said yesterday.

The officials also said Patrick J. Buchanan, the conservative columnist and commentator, is being considered for White House communications director.

In addition, they said, Edward J. Rollins, director of the Reagan-Bush reelection committee and former White House political director, is a leading candidate to handle political affairs at the White House in President Reagan's second term.

Incoming White House chief of staff Donald T. Regan is considering all these appointments as he prepares to move into the West Wing on Monday, but final decisions have not been made, officials said.

Chavez would replace Faith Ryan Whittlesey, who is leaving the White House to return to a previous post as ambassador to Switzerland. The public liaison office is responsible for White House relations with a wide array of outside constituencies, including business and minorities.

Another candidate for the public liaison post is Frank J. Donatelli, a longtime Reagan loyalist and conservative activist who has been deputy director, officials said.

Regan is said by officials to want four or five major deputies handling politics, communications, policy and congressional relations. The communications post would be in addition to the post held by White House spokesman Larry Speakes, officials said.

Yesterday, the president announced that Regan will bring five Treasury Department officials to the White House, and two White House officials were nominated to be assistants to the incoming treasury secretary, James A. Baker III.

Margaret D. Tutwiler, now deputy assistant to the president for political affairs, was nominated to be assistant secretary of the treasury for public affairs and public liaison. John F.W. Rogers, now assistant to the president for management and administration, was nominated to be assistant secretary of the treasury for management.

Coming to the White House from Treasury will be Alfred H. Kingon, assistant secretary for policy planning and communications, to be Cabinet secretary. He will replace Craig L. Fuller, who will work as a deputy to Regan for several months.

Thomas C. Dawson, now assistant secretary of the treasury for business and consumer affairs, will be Regan's executive assistant at the White House. Christopher Hicks, Regan's executive assistant at Treasury, will be an assistant to Regan for administration.

David L. Chew, now senior deputy comptroller of the currency for policy and planning, will come to the White House as staff secretary. This role includes some functions now being performed by Richard G. Darman, who has been nominated deputy treasury secretary.

Richard Riley, now a special assistant to Regan, will be a personal assistant at the White House.